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Local AGV companies are in a difficult situation How to break through the dilemma?

China's AGV industry has a broad market prospect. As a rising star, it needs more support and encouragement than a suspicion. As a representative of high technology, robots are a perfect opportunity for China, which is currently developing.

Local AGV companies are in a difficult situation, how to break through?

    First, AGV pays attention to quality

        This year, the robot industry is developing very fast. The person in charge of Shenzhen Ouyi Robot Co., Ltd. said: At present, what domestic companies need to do is to guard against the low-end of high-end industries. Our local AGV enterprises must make good quality control, strive to achieve industrialization, and create a unique AGV road that belongs to China. This is an industry that integrates high-tech and high-end talents. AGV enterprises must lay a good "winning by quality" card, and must not let the products fall into a low-end situation.

    Second, AGV enterprises "counterattack"

        At present, domestic AGV enterprises need continuous innovation and development, and get out of the predicament of less market and core technology holes. Most of the domestic AGV companies are core components purchased from abroad, and it is impossible to give reasonable prices. In order to counterattack domestic AGV companies, independent research and development of core components has become particularly important. Local AGV companies have no retreat. If they do not want to be “eaten”, they must face difficulties.

    Third, AGV differentiated competition

        Foreign AGV is superior to us in core technology, key parts department, high-end talents, experience, etc. This is beyond doubt. However, as a rising star in China, our local AGV has a unique advantage. We understand the domestic market demand and can tailor the *fit* optimized AGV solution for each AGV customer.

        In order for domestic AGV companies to occupy more market share, they must clearly understand the market and propose differentiated products and services. AGV's differentiated competition and technological innovation are the way out for domestic AGV companies. How to make AGV robots more intelligent, simple, convenient to use, and how to innovate are all domestic AGV companies need to consider.

        The time left for the rise of domestic AGV companies is not much. Although we have achieved a good record in 2016, the next AGV road is bound to be more difficult. 2017 will be a cross for local AGV robots. A leap in the times.