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Local AGV companies are in a difficult situation How to break through the dilemma?

At present, domestic AGV enterprises need continuous innovation and development, and get out of the predicament of less market and core technology holes. Most of the domestic AGV companies are core components purchased from abroad, and it is impossible to give reasonable prices. In order to counterattack domestic AGV companies, independent research and development of core components has become particularly important. Local AGV companies have no retreat. If they do not want to be “eaten”, they must face difficulties.


Intelligent manufacturing brings disruptive changes to production models

The concept of intelligent manufacturing is well known as the "Industry 4.0" and "Made in China 2025". If the Internet changes people's consumption patterns, then intelligent manufacturing will completely change the production model and reconstruct the entire value chain. In terms of implementation, the impact of her is ten times or even hundreds of times greater than that of the Internet in the consumer sector. One is to realize the information connection in the value circulation link, and the other is to realize the information connection in the value creation link.


The development of industrial robots and the direction of independent innovation

At present, China has become the world's largest consumer market for robots. More and more companies are applying robots to all aspects of product production, and the wave of “machine substitution” continues to rise. Behind this wave, it should be noted that China's industrial robot industry is still in the growth stage, and there is still a certain gap between the technical level and foreign countries. The high-end robots mainly rely on imports for core components such as servo motors, controllers and reducers. . In order to seize this market opportunity, domestic enterprises need to strengthen technical research and development on key components, focus on deep integration with information technology and artificial intelligence, develop to the upstream and middle of the industry, and seize the opportunity period of global robot industry development.

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