Talent recruitment


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1. At least 2 years working experience as an assistant manager in automation industry; 2. Familiar with ISO process control, fluent in English reading and writing, bachelor degree or above, should be able to act as an English translator; 3. The knowledge structure is comprehensive and has certain management experience. 4. Be able to quickly grasp the relevant knowledge related to the company's business. 5. Work steadfastly, carefully, rigorously, self-discipline, orderly, with a strong sense of responsibility and dedication. 6. Be responsible for the overall work of the office under the leadership of the general manager, and be a good assistant to the general manager, so as to play a connecting role between the preceding and the following. 7. Assist in coordinating work among different departments of the company, and be able to withstand certain pressures to accomplish the tasks assigned by the leaders in a quality and quantity manner.